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who is Chambers?

Since the last century, to be exact since 1901, the name Chambers has had special connections with motor vehicles.

Jack Chambers, born in 1867, when managing director of Vauxhall, designed the first Vauxhall car, which was presented to the public in April 1903. It had tiller steering and a water-cooled one-cylinder 5 horsepower engine, mounted horizontally.  A chain drive and planet gears drove the rear axle.

At the end of 1903, Jack resigned from Vauxhall following technical disagreements, and joined his two brothers, who had established a general engineering business in Belfast. Shortly after he joined, the directionof the company was changed.

In February 1905 the first Chambers car was shown at the Motor Show in the Olympia Hall in London. Already with this first car, there were new ideas. Instead of carriage springing, helical springs were used for the suspension. This not only saved weight; the main aim was to keep the wheelbase, and the car, as short as possible. Already then this was a good selling point, as parking spaces were hard to find in London. (How things change !)

Richard Chambers was born in 1937, the son of Richard Martin Chambers, born in 1911. As a great nephew of Jack, he was involved from an early age with the restauration and maintenance of family-owned old-timers from 1902 and 1904. At the age of 24 he registered a car he had designed and built himself.

Already with the product preceeding his introduction of SX-6000 Mr. Chambers succeeded in establishing a product in the market, at a time when energy saving was not a theme for the masses. But already then the convincing idea of reducing wear was readily accepted. 

Today, the name Chambers, and the Chambers GmbH, stand for a wide range of products which offer cost and energy savings to industry and end users.