Cold-Plus - for air conditioners and refrigeration

HVAC systems are  greedy for energy. The savings delivered by Cold-Plus quickly produce a pay-back, and keep on doing so.

Our revolutionary new technology gives on average a 15% power saving.

With Cold-Plus we are presenting a new technology for the world, to apply on top of all other improvements.

How soed Cold-Plus work ?

HVAC systems loose their performance progressively over the years. Already in the first year this can be 7%.  This is caused by oil fouling, when the compressor oil deposits itself on the inside walls of the system, which gives two problems:

  • Firstly, it works as a insulant, so reducing the thermal efficiency , and 
  • Secondly it restricts the flow the coolant, so increasing the load on the compressor.

Cold-Plus prevents both these completely and permanently, regenerating the system.  The walls of the system are coated with PTFE, which prevents all future oil fouling. Scientific tests have shown that is still the case after six years.

  • Thirdly, the surface tension of the coolant is reduced, which requires less energy to reach vapourisation.
  • Fourthly, as well as coating the system walls with PTFE, also the friction surfaces of the compressor are coated, so reducing the required  energy further, and significantly extending the compressor’s life.

Cold-Plus is applicable to all systems with the only exception of those which are ammonia-based.
Further information is to be found in this fact-sheet.